What A Beautiful Name-Praise and Worship Guitar Tone


Line 6 Helix guitar tone for Praise & Worship songs like What A Beautiful Name as performed by Hillsong Worship on the album Let There Be Light.

Also available in Praise & Worship Pack 3


Praise & Worship guitar tones are designed for live use in a setting with a fair number of other musicians on stage. I frequently serve with a drummer, two acoustic guitarists, electric bass, synth/keys, and four to six vocalists. These patches and guitar tones will work in many other settings, but this is where they were developed.

Patch features:

    • Praise & Worship tone by Ben R Vesco
    • Based on my “Worship Core 2.9” tone
    • Includes ambient, clean, and delayed guitar tones useful for many P&W songs
    • Snapshot enabled with the following snapshots
      1. Intro (clean, ambient tone for verse 1, chorus 1, and instrumental interludes)
      2. Verse 2 (clean, delay)
      3. Ch2-Br (clean, delay for chorus 2 and bridge parts)
      4. Big C-B-C (dirty, ambient tone for the big chorus-bridge-chorus leading out of the song)

This patch dialed in with:

  • Ibanez j.custom RG8527Z with DiMarzio PAF7 in the bridge position
  • Event 20/20 studio monitors, and live rehearsals
  • Line 6 Helix (created on firmware 2.70.0)

Release Notes:

  • 1.0.0 – Initial release based on my “Worship 2.9” core tone (Helix 2.70.0)


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