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Don’t see your purchase from my Store?

If you purchased from Line 6 Marketplace, read the next section below. If you purchased through my store, you can always correspond with me using the email address on your PayPal receipt. Your purchases and download history should be showing above.

Some reasons your purchases on my site might not show:

  • Your PayPal email is different than your account email
  • You purchased anonymously and created an account after the fact
  • Other problems…

Don’t worry! We can sort it out. I appreciate every one of my customers and we’ll make it right. Get in touch with me through the email on your PayPal receipt and include information about your purchase and I’ll get it linked into your account here.

Don’t see your purchase from Line 6 Marketplace?

If you purchased through Line 6 Marketplace, your downloads and purchase history will be in your Line 6 account. To access it:

  1. Log into your Line 6 account
  2. Look for the Marketplace link on the left
  3. Your downloads will be listed

Make sure you are logged into the same Line 6 account you made the purchases on!!!