Metallica Megapack Artist Tone


Ten custom IRs and 10+ presets to give you the rhythm, lead, and clean tones of Metallica through the ages with your Line 6 Helix.


Artist Tones are meticulously crafted to emulate the tone from the original artist. Check the video before you buy to remove any doubt of the accuracy. Of course every guitar, speaker, and player are different so expect some variation on your own setup.

Patch features:

  • Artist Tone by Ben R Vesco
  • Capture the tones of *Metallica* as heard on their first five albums
    1. Kill ‘Em All
    2. Ride The Lightning
    3. Master Of Puppets
    4. …And Justice For All
    5. Metallica “The Black Album”
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  • Every album is represented by two presets
    • An IR-based preset uses my custom IRs (included in this pack) and are very accurate to the studio sounds
    • A stock cab-based preset is not as accurate to the album but may be more useful in a live or band jam situation
  • Helix Snapshots enabled with at least five snapshots per preset:
    1. Clean a clean tone that is period-accurate to the band
    2. Dirty is the core Hetfield rhythm tone for each album
    3. Lead will give you a boost in volume and let you shred away (wah pedal available)
    4. Album has a much wider stereo spread
    5. Dirty-MONO is useful for people without a stereo setup
  • Includes instructions for where to install the ten custom IR files

This patch dialed in with:

  • Ibanez Universe with Dimarzio Evolution bridge pickup
  • Event 20/20 studio monitors
  • Line 6 Helix Floor, LT, Rack, and Native compatible

Release Notes:

  • 1.2.0 – Corrected some presets that used the wrong cabs/IRs and more volume leveling (Helix 2.82.0)
  • 1.0.0 – Initial release (Helix 2.70.0)


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