You will need something like Windows Media Player or the free winamp player to listen to these tunes. They are in standard .mp3 format so any suitable player will do.

Fun Songs

The Ballad of Stumpy Ron - Download
Jason Volz - Vocals
Ben Vesco - all the music you hear
Casey Heckman - Lyrics
Read about recording the solo
Read about recording the rhythm guitars
Read about recording the bass

Liberty - Download
Ben Vesco - Mandolin, Bass, Guitars, Banjo

Blood On The Dance Flo' Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - Blood On the Dance Flo'
Billy Adair - Vocals
Ben Vesco - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming

Unnamed Instrumental Demo - Download
Ben Vesco - guitars, bass, drum programming

Desolation Avenue - Download
Ben Vesco - everysinglething

Love Is Strange Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - Love Is Strange
Kelly Gaffney - Vocals
Mike Gaffney - Vocals
Ben Vesco - Everything else

Twist And Shout Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - Twist and Shout
Billy Adair - Vocals
Ben Vesco - Guitar, Bass, 'Response' Vocals
Nick Cipriano - Drums

Birthday Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - Birthday
Ben Vesco - Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming
Demian Ehlers - Bass
Nancy Vesco & Katie Tucker - Backup Vocals

Caladon Catacombs Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - Caladon Catacombs
Ben Vesco - Guitars, Bass
Nick Cipriano - Drums

We can Work It Out Ben R Vesco - Loves Cheese - We Can Work It Out
Billy Adair - Vocals
Demian Ehlers - Bass
Ben Vesco - Guitar, Drum Programming

To Live Is To Die - Download
Ben Vesco - allofit

Malhavok - Finished Album Tracks

Atrophy Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - Atrophy
Fetal Murder Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - Fetal Murder
Judgement Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - Judgement
Never Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - Never
User Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - User
Choking Ben R Vesco - Malhavok - Choking

Malhavok is:
Billy Adair - Vocals
Nick Cipriano - Drums
Demian Ehlers - Bass
Ben Vesco - Guitar
Special Guest Nate Howard - Guitar Solo on User
Special Guest Jere Haakana - Guitar Solo on Judgement

Visit the Official Malhavok Website

Santa Clara Church of Christ Worship Team

Lift Him Up - Download
Sing Out - Download
Shout To The Lord - Download
The Battle Belongs To The Lord - Download

Featured Musicians:
Adam Rasmussen - Vocals, Piano
Tony LaChappelle - Guitar (Bass on Sing Out)
Ben Vesco - Bass (Guitar on Sing Out)
Special Guest Nick Cipriano - Drums

Jason Volz

Jason Volz is a friend and frequent musical collaborator of mine. I recorded and mixed these six tracks for him in my studio.

Mustang Sally - Download
Last Goodbye - Download
One More Minute - Download
Use Me - Download
Try A Little Tenderness - Download
One For My Baby - Download

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